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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Preparing Ahead For My Kiddos' Birthdays!

This is how I prepare for my kiddos' birthdays. 
I bought a variety of birthday packs from Walmart,
on clearance for 50 cents per pack of 12. 
Each pack comes with 4 bags, 4 party hats, and 4 blowers

(about 12 cents per student).    

I added a birthday sticker, a pencil, and a little notebook.
About a quarter per student.
(I think that's a pretty good deal!)
This is the larger, clear container I am using to store the birthday bags.  I made more than the number of students; this allows my kiddos to choose the bag they want on their birthday.  


 Just add a label to the outside of your container and your birthday treats are set! (Not shown)


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