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Sunday, December 2, 2012


November was such a busy month. 
These are all the things we did.

Look what I found at the 99Cents Only stores! Since my kiddos love using dot markers for a variety of activities.  I found these Bingo Dot Markers that work just as well as the brand name ones.  Affordable!

This is what I made for each of my student helpers from the state university college.  They were so wonderful and such talented helpers.  They will make future great teachers!!!

 This is what we did for November "I am Thankful For" Writing Project. 

We also finished our Ecosystem Writing Project, which stem from Our Ecosystem Writing book (poem, reading, vocabulary and drawing) that we had been working on all week.  I will probably post the student book PDF later.

Hope you had a great November and Thanksgiving!

Election-Voting Fun!

This is what we did for our 3rd Grade November Election!  We had so much fun making I VOTED TODAY hats.  This activity, including the hats and talking about presidential election, might seemed time consuming, but turned out to be much simpler than expected and well worth the time!

I pre-cut 1 inch  strips from red  8 1/2 X 11 regular paper.  You can cut the paper horizontally or vertically.  Cutting smaller strips was easier.  I copied the I VOTED TODAY! stars on bright yellow paper and the smaller stars on blue paper.  Then my kiddos just glue everything onto white sentence strips.  

Super quick voting box: I took an blue empty tissue box and added some yellow die-cut stars to each sides.

Instead of asking the students to vote for a president.  I asked the students to choose 3 things that we could vote for that we would want at the end of the week if our group earned the most points.

We use the voting strips from No Monkey Business (created by Michelle Harper).  Click on Michelle Harper's Election Day Freebie.

Click here for the I VOTED TODAY! and small stars.

Hope you enjoy!