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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Classroom Organization & Posting Objectives Ideas

Love these weekly organizing bins from Lakeshore Learning. 
I use these to store lessons, worksheets, activities, etc. that I will be using for the week.  Sometimes when I'm super efficient, I plan a week or two ahead.  All I use is a yellow cardstock sheet as a divider with a small sticky note (with the date, for example W-8/26/12) on the top right hand corner of the cardstock.  This is worth the investment. You can also do this with other bins as well.  What a great way to be ready to teach with materials at hand!

Lakeshore Learning All Purpose Organizer

Going to change the labels that came with the set to the cuter ones I got from

This is another great way to lay out your lesson plans for the day or week.  I took some colored file folders and laid them out, then I labeled the subject with address labels on a green note card backing.  Red for language arts, yellow for math, green for ELD, and blue for science, social studies, and Friday art; I coordinated my folders to the color of my school/district curriculum.  The ones I used here are the wavy tab multi-colored file folders, which I bought from Staples awhile back.  Not sure if they still carry these kind.   

Posting Objectives

Objectives tell the students what they are learning for the week or day. 
They can also be learning goals which can be aligned with Common Core. 
I put my objectives on a pocket chart so they are easy to change. 

 Here are two examples. 

Friday, September 28, 2012

Check Out New Math Number Practice On TPT

Just finished uploading a few math number writing practices.  My favorites are the strips of number writing practices. 

TIP: Print two copies of each, copy back-to-back, for more practice.  Start out with 1-20 first.


Use these empty strips as counting mats to count linking cubes/colored tile squares, or small counters.

I use the blank ones that has a place for score as assessment tools to monitor growth. 

Here are a few more number writing practice sheets.


Get your free copies at my TPT!

Click here for complete set ! (Google Docs)


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bug - Bee Sticker/Incentive Chart

This bug or bee sticker chart can be used as an incentive chart. I copy these onto colored card stock paper and cut them out (4 from 1 page). I have my students draw a face depending on what kind of bug. When my students earned 25 stickers, they receive a treat. Since our class theme is bees, I copied mine on yellow card stock.  

Click here to get your free copy.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Preparing Ahead For My Kiddos' Birthdays!

This is how I prepare for my kiddos' birthdays. 
I bought a variety of birthday packs from Walmart,
on clearance for 50 cents per pack of 12. 
Each pack comes with 4 bags, 4 party hats, and 4 blowers

(about 12 cents per student).    

I added a birthday sticker, a pencil, and a little notebook.
About a quarter per student.
(I think that's a pretty good deal!)
This is the larger, clear container I am using to store the birthday bags.  I made more than the number of students; this allows my kiddos to choose the bag they want on their birthday.  


 Just add a label to the outside of your container and your birthday treats are set! (Not shown)


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Why Another Teacher Blog?

Why did I decide to create another teacher's blog when there are so many great sites out there.  Well, after discovering so many fantastic ones, I was inspired.  As an educator, I am always creating, sharing, and finding new ideas to make learning so much fun for my kiddos.  I am super excited to share my classroom experiences and ideas with you!